Wedding Party Invitations

Anyone who is planning a wedding knows that the preparations can be exhaustive. Every aspect of the wedding must be planned out. An important aspect of the preparations are the wedding party invitations. Whether you are planning on having a large wedding or a smaller wedding your future guests must be informed that they are invited and of these guest you need to find out how many of them will be attending your wedding and how many will not be attending your wedding.

Imagine your future guests going through their normal routine of receiving their usual mail and be pleasantly surprised to receive a wedding invitation from you. Nobody wants to have a plain and dull wedding invitation. Finding the right wedding party invitations can take some time so it is wise to begin the process well in advance.

While sending wedding invitations won’t be the most complicated aspect of the wedding preparations there are still things that should be kept in mind to not let it become more stressful than it needs to be. Don’t order invitations until your guest list is final. Make sure to order them ahead of time giving adequate time for you to receive the wedding party invitations, to mail them out, and to receive a response. For a local wedding you should mail out invitations about six to eight weeks before hand, and ten to twelve weeks if you’re having the wedding away or over a holiday. It is also wise to order more than you expect just in case. A great site to check out is They have invitations for the wedding and all the other parties that come along with it such as the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, engagement party, bachelorette party so you can get all your different types of invitations from one place.