The Lure of Beaded Wedding Bridal Jewelry

Gone are the days when weddings were cut and dried affairs. You’ve seen one and you’ve seen them all. Brides wore almost identical wedding gowns with almost the same kind of wedding bridal jewelry. All grooms practically looked the same. Wedding receptions were all the same, too. Everything was predictable, down to the cake. It was almost as if you just had to cut and paste in the particular bride and groom into the scene. Nowadays, brides and grooms want the opposite. They want their wedding to reflect their individual personalities and their tastes as a couple. This is why the lure of beaded wedding bridal jewelry is so strong among modern day brides and grooms.

Beaded wedding bridal jewelry is usually made with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. The combination of manmade crystals and natural pearls, although cultured, gives these jewelry pieces a decidedly modern touch. The fact that both the crystals and the freshwater pearls come in various shapes, including unusual forms, adds character and expands the range of possibilities for creative imagination. This is very different from the staid styles usually associated with traditional wedding bridal jewelry.

The quirkiness of beaded wedding bridal jewelry fits right into the mood of non-traditional weddings. Imagine how it will fit into a beach wedding or a garden wedding. Even couples who cannot have their weddings right at the beach or in a garden can capture the atmosphere through the d├ęcor of the setting they choose as well as their wedding attire and accessories. A bride in a wrap-around sarong or a short breezy summer dress with flowers in her hair will look perfect with beaded wedding bridal jewelry with freshwater pearls.

Beaded wedding bridal jewelry is quite inexpensive compared to fine jewelry and is, therefore, within the reach of everyone. It is no less precious, though. Swarovski crystals represent the best man made crystals in the world. Cultured freshwater pearls represent the natural wonders of nature coaxed into being by human nurturing. These elements are then crafted by jewelry artists by hand into exquisite designs that can range from being fanciful and ethereal to being sleek and minimalist. Each piece represents a serendipitous fusion of the finest aspects of man and nature.

Brides who do not want traditional wedding dresses and the same old fashioned wedding bridal jewelry will surely be attracted to beaded wedding bridal jewelry with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. Beautifully beaded pearl earrings and beaded pearl necklaces and bracelets can be found in many jewelry stores. There are even online jewelry stores like Samantha Rose of Dallas,Texas that specialize in them. Brides from any part of the country can easily get access to these gems online.

Beaded wedding bridal jewelry can help make a wedding truly unique and personal. This is something that makes a wedding truly meaningful, bearing the mark of the bride and groom in every aspect. The couple who makes this stand as early as their wedding day is setting the tone for a lifetime to be led on their own terms.

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