Sparkle with Great Winter Wedding Ideas

Welcome to the WWI – that’s the Winter Wedding Ideas page. But first, congratulations, both on your upcoming wedding and on the fact that you were clever enough to see the value in a winter wedding. You see, the fall and winter season’s are the off season for most of the wedding industry (this may not be true in places like Aspen, Colorado where their winter landscape is a prime draw) so you have a better chance at negotiating a great price on everything from your photography to the wedding / reception location. So hunt away, if you haven’t already, but not until you’ve settled on the winter wedding idea that you want to make come to life.

Christmas Wedding Options

The first among winter wedding ideas is the classic Christmas wedding and is a natural for those who absolutely love all the decorations, smells, and sounds of Christmas. Because this option is so rooted in your own families’ (including that of your future husband) traditions we won’t linger here except to point out that this option presents a number of fun opportunities for wedding favors. For example, you could thank your loved ones by giving them a handcrafted wedding cake ornament that will serve as a reminder of your winter wedding every year when they look at their Christmas tree.

Winter Wonderland Options

Another option from the winter wedding ideas department is to create your own winter wonderland wedding. Imagine a wedding that is a study in shades of whites, silver, and ice blues. Your wedding cake could be a gorgeous mountain of white on white. Go for the smooth simple lines of elegance by adding a grand ice sculpture to your wedding reception. Or if you want to make it a little more light hearted you can take advantage of the plethora of snowman themed decorations that are available today. Either way, you might want to consider the silver tree place card holders or snowflake bath confetti (it’s great as part of your decorating too!) as your wedding favors. Its clean lines make it fit beautifully in almost any winter wedding setting. Or for a whimsical touch, perhaps miniature snow globes are the way to go.

Respite from the Cold

Finally, go for the warm colors as you create the atmosphere of something like a mountain ski lodge with a roaring fire, warm drinks, and lots of friend around the celebration. For this winter wedding idea you might want to consider giving gifts of specially packaged wedding coffees, teas, hot cocoas, or a tea infuser (either with or without the ceramic tray).
There really are so many winter wedding ideas to consider. Dream. What part of the winter season gets you excited? Once you’ve decided, personalize your winter wedding ideas and you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable wedding experience.