Pre-Wedding Functions in Keralite Weddings

One needs to understand that a wedding not only brings 2 people close but also their families. As a result all the weddings involve a plethora of occasions that lead to the wedding. These pre wedding functions are occasions where both the family members can get close to each other. A typical Kerala Matrimonial is slightly orthodox and follows the traditions to the core. In a way one can say that they follow a keralite wedding traditions and norms to the hilt. However, that certainly does not mean that one needs that one cannot mix and match. Couples today are exposed to so many external factors and they are open-minded. They in a way want the best of all traditions and believe in having a memorable wedding as per their own terms.

Here are a few modern pre-wedding functions in Keralite weddings that today’s couples are engaging in.

Mehendi Function: Though a Mehendi ceremony is mainly associated with a Muslim or a north Indian wedding, many brides are enthralled by the art of putting mehendi designs on their palm just before the wedding and want it to be a part of their special event in their life. After all, mehendi is an auspicious leaf that is crushed to make intrinsic and beautiful designs on the palm of the bride and groom. Though not a part of Keralite culture, there is no harm incorporating something auspicious during the pre wedding days. So, now that we have defended the mehendi, what actually happens on these pre-wedding functions in Keralite weddings? Well, all friends and family (mainly the women population) get together and apply mehendi on the palm of the bride and her friends. It’s a great occasion to hang around, have fun and also relax a bit before the wedding. Imagine lots of fun, frolic, singing, dancing, and food and not to forget mehendi laden hands.

Sangeet: Again, this is not a typical pre-wedding function in Kerala Matrimonial. Sangeet is like a get together function before the wedding where both the bride and groom come together and dance to their hearts fill. That’s not all; even their family members dance and perform special skits for them to make them feel special. The skits are mainly made to show the relation and the love story of the couple. It’s a great occasion where all come together and have fun dancing around. These sangeet occasions can be held together by both the families or separately by the bride and the groom depending on the wish of the couple. In fact, some people take it with so much importance that they even ask a choreographer to help them perform their best.

We all know that weddings are also a lot of hard work. These small pre-wedding functions in Keralite weddings which are not fully traditional allow the family members to relax a bit and have fun. These occasions can be held a few days before the wedding so that by the time the main wedding comes everyone has bonded and rejuvenated.