Organizing a Wedding Checklist

Organizing your wedding can be a very enjoyable and yet very stressful job. Although it is your special day, the fear of it going wrong or not being organised in time plays havoc on your mind and body. After planning weddings for many years the only real way of guaranteeing a stress free build up is to create a comprehensive wedding to do list.

We all use lists in our day to day lives, so we should with something as big as planning a wedding. Imagine going to do your food shop without your shopping list. The grief it will cause when you get home and you have missed so many things you where suppose to buy.

This is why being organised and creating a wedding to do list is a must, ticking off completed items as you go along. All professional wedding planners swear by a wedding checklist, and if you should too.

Just below are a few things you may want to think about adding to your wedding checklist.

Set a date for your wedding and choose the wedding venue.
Create and send out save the date cards.
Arrange your set date with the registrar.
Choose your color scheme.
Choose your wedding dress and bridesmaid outfits.
Choose you best man’s and closest family’s suits.
Choose decorations, center pieces etc.
Find a Photographer.
Find a Florist.
Find a bakery for your wedding cake.
Choose your menu for the reception.
Reception Drinks.
Find a DJ or band.
Choose your wedding rings.
Meet with the venue to make sure they understand how you want everything setup and how the day is going to be run.

Just a tip, a few of the things above you can find at wedding fairs. If you do not know where to look have a look in the local paper. You can find advertisements for local wedding fairs at local venues. Generally wedding fairs will start in the beginning of spring, so keep a lookout then or contact venues to find out when they will be hosting a fair.

Use the above as a very basic template for wedding checklist, feel free to add more items as you feel you need. It would be a good idea to discuss with closest friends and family who are involved this list.

A good idea is to create the planner in Microsoft Word or Excel. You should put the names of who to complete hem and the dates of when they should be completed next to them. When the task gets completed tick it off and move on to the next.