Nautical Wedding Centerpieces

Whether you have decided on a tropical wedding location or just want your wedding to have a beach theme,you will need some ideas for centerpieces that will create the right atmosphere. Here are some thoughts.

Retro Sailor

Like it a little on the wild side? Have you considered going neon? You can purchase neon sailor hats for a center piece and decorate around it with mini neon beach balls. A glowing neon luau also compliments such a setting. There are all sorts of things that you can do with neon. Go with bright neon flowers for bouquets and bold neon bright ties and bridesmaid’s dresses.

Hawaiian Fun

Bright tropical flowers inside of large seashells, surrounded by sand is another wonderful idea for a beach wedding. Imagine the cool beach nestled right there in the middle of the table. This idea would be perfect for an outdoor beach setting reception. Small tropical flowers come in mind when I think of this setting. Luaus also come in mind for the reception. Perhaps place one at each setting along with fun party favors.

Tropical Paradise

Imagine a beautiful Hawaiian sunset with bold orange, purple and reds in the midst of a beautiful bouquet of birds of paradise centerpieces. Now this reception would take place in the early evening as the sun is going down. The lights would be dim and the centerpieces would definitely be the highlight. Trimmed up with gold laced dinnerware and tall golden champagne chutes. Your new husband wouldn’t be able to wait for all the guests to leave as this will truly be the romantic sunset evening.

Oceanside View

Perhaps beautiful dolphins and water is what you have in mind? You can get those water globes and make them a beautiful ocean view centerpiece. They would be laid out on a blue table clothe with an ocean-like surrounding. Purchase some fish graffiti and sprinkle it on the tables to compliment the centerpiece globes. You may even want to hang long blue waving flags to bring even more of an ocean feeling to the atmosphere.

Cool Pina Coladas on the Hot Beach

Maybe you would like to set the scene to look like a walk on the beach. Think of things that you would see on the beach. Perhaps crabs and sea shells. Purchase small items that would belong on the beach. For instance, small shells, crabs, beach balls, umbrellas and sand. Then buy a pina colada replica glass and decorate around it as the centerpiece. You may want to add some replica fruits, like pineapple and coconut to put inside the glass. Then another suggestion is to serve pina coladas as a drink.

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