Magical Weddings – The Castle Wedding

The most magical, unique, original and fabulous weddings take place in gorgeous and serene environments. The top of my list for the most exquisite, fairytale venue is… The Castle Wedding.

Imagine yourself gliding down an elegant staircase to greet the guests that have come to celebrate your wedding and imagine the look on their faces when they see your enchanting venue for the first time. Every bride wants her wedding to eclipse all others and you won’t find another venue as magnificent or as grand as a castle.

There are literally hundreds of castles that are licensed to hold civil ceremonies in England and there are thousands around the world. There are, however a few drawbacks to holding your wedding at a castle:

1) Timing ~ If the castle that you choose is open to the public then you may find that there is a restriction on the time of day that the ceremony can take place, for example, Leeds Castle in Kent only allows ceremonies after 4pm.

2) Ruins ~ Make sure you spend time looking around the castle and ask lots of questions. Some castles are little more than ancient ruins and it would be unsafe to hold a ceremony in them, for example, Westhanger Castle (although very picturesque) is not just a shell! The wedding ceremony takes place in the castle gardens and the reception is held in a marquee. Your photographs will have the backdrop of the castle but you will not be able to enter the ruins.

3) Expense ~ A castle wedding can be the most expensive type of wedding, but they are fabulous so if the venue is the most important aspect of your day then you may need to compromise on how much you spend in other areas of your budget, for example, buying a less expensive dress or less elaborate cake.

4) Restrictions ~ You will only be able to use the castle’s caterers and must choose from their set menu’s, however, the menu’s will hold a vast selection of food and the food is cooked to perfection.

The pro’s of a castle wedding always outweigh the con’s, so as your wedding needs to be perfect I would definitely recommend marrying in a castle.