Enjoy an Intimate Winery Wedding

Have you ever considered getting wed on a vineyard? Well, the venue is definitely a perfect setting for a soothing and romantic event such as wedding. Imagine how captivating it can be to be a place where nature seems to be a friend that participates in the celebration. Hills twined with abundant green grapevines which are full-grown with fleshy and sugary grapes – such a perfect place to treasure!

Wineries are definitely perfect location for small weddings. Whether you prefer to have an outdoor rite in the middle of the vines or just an intimate indoor reception with wine theme directly viewing the vineyard, a winery are splendid. Many couples have enjoyed the experience because they are able to include the brilliance of the scenery to their wedding celebration.

Wineries comprise of a beauty that is truly captivating. It doesn’t only offer scenic surroundings. Many were innovated to serve couples their wedding requirements, from the beginning of the ceremony down to the last part of the celebration. You don’t have to worry about the availability of wineries. In fact, thousands of numbers of wineries are seen across the North America. Wineries with the most prosperous source are found in California.

Winery weddings can also indulge your passion for arts and creativity. Some couples may find it hard to picture out how the wedding ceremony can be done when vineyard proposes nothing but grasses and trees. Some couples use their artistic minds which led them to make use of little stone circle to serve as an altar. Since winery weddings are often composed by small groups, the solemnity and intimacy is kept and preserved.

The usual seating of guests for winery wedding often suggests the guests to create a circular formation surrounding the bride and the groom, instead of asking them to sit by row. Once the ceremony is finished, wedding guests enjoy the gathering in the nice scenery of vineyard. This is when that the appetizers are distributed through butler chic. Ensure availability of tasting room and bar – most guests might be looking forward for them.

Mediterranean menu can be served in family style. Organize the dinner by having the courses delivered on each table and then distributed on each of the sitter. Introduce a wine that compliments each course. Provide each table an explanation why a specific wine matches the course served. It’s one good way of initializing a health conversation among your guests.

This is just a suggestive idea though; you might want to do it your own way. But with a winery wedding, I am pretty much sure that all of the people attending the wedding shall deeply recognize your theme and venue. Somehow that’s a direct compliment to the couple.

Generally, winery weddings develop a wonderful atmosphere wherein people become so positive with their view for friendship, romance, and love. It is probably one of the most fulfilling outputs ever produced by a wedding venue. It simply impresses the crowd, most especially the bride and the groom.

Will You Consider a Destination Wedding?

It takes a lot of time to plan for a wedding. After all the detailed planning and hard working, there are lots of guests coming to your ceremony and reception. Many people are coming on your big day to greet you. It should be one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

However, some of us may not like the idea of being surrounded by hundreds of people, if not thousands. You may not want to cut the cake in front of so many people. You would like to forget all the details such as the decorations. You may even think that wedding should be something more private and you may really enjoy the time with only a few guests, who are your beloved ones. In this case you may consider a destination wedding. Imagine that if you are going to hold your wedding in Bali, not many of your friends or relatives will come to your wedding and you can really enjoy such a small wedding.

Besides, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the place you hold your wedding. The beaches in Bali are undoubtedly marvelous. It will also be amazing if you are having your wedding in front of a waterfall. If you have the courage to do so, you can even have your wedding in front of a historical building in Nepal. Of course you will need to take some time to research for the feasibility in this case. The wedding photos you take will certainly also be amazing. The place you choose for your destination wedding can be at the same time your honeymoon destination. You will find that you can actually save a lot of money because wedding and honeymoon are in the same place.

Although it can save you money by having your wedding and honeymoon in the same place, a destination wedding does not always mean a cheaper wedding. This is especially true if you would like to invite some of your family members to come to your wedding. Unless it is specially arranged, you will probably pay for the expenses such as the fee for the air tickets of your family members. That can be quite a large amount of spending. The key here is that you should try to invite your most beloved ones to your wedding. And saving money should not be your number one concern. If budget is your main concern, you may need to go back to a more traditional wedding or have your destination wedding not really far away from your home.

It is true that you will not invite many people to your wedding if you are going to have a destination wedding really far away. You should still send your friends and relatives invitations. Here wedding invitations do not mean an invitation card you will order if you are going to hold a traditional wedding. The invitation here should be a notice informing your friends and relatives the date and location of your wedding. When you come back from your wedding, you may still opt to hold a few simple receptions for different groups of friends and relatives.

Destination Wedding – This Years Most Popular Trends!

A wedding may be the most important day in a couple’s lives and of course every couple wants it to be picture-perfect. These days, destination weddings are the newest trend and are getting more popular every year. There are many wonderful destinations to choose for your destination wedding. To help you help you decide on which locations and settings best suite you and your loved one, check out some of the trendiest places around the world to tie the knot.

Central Park, New York
No. 1 on our list of course is Central Park, New York. Situated in the heart of New York City, this is the perfect location if you are planning on a garden wedding. Have your wedding either in front of the Dancing Maidens of the Untermeyer Fountain, above the Bow Bridge on Cherry Hill or just under the weeping willow near the pool. Dance the night away to the tune of “Unforgettable” because this will be a wedding celebration that will not be forgotten.

Bali, Indonesia
Due to its enchanting charm and exotic beaches, Bali has always been included as one of the top wedding and honeymoon locations. If you are in the mood for a magical and mystical wedding “journey”, then Bali, Indonesia is definitely for you.

Maui, Hawaii
For many Americans, the perfect wedding is tantamount to a Hawaiian wedding. Imagine yourself exchanging vows with the love of your life on the white sand beaches of Hawaii or having a breathtaking ceremony at one of the secluded offshore islands. Now, how’s that for a “picture-perfect” wedding?

Only a short flight away from the USA is Bermuda. With pink sand beaches and a colorful tradition and history, Bermuda is known as one of the most sophisticated islands. This location is sure to be a favorite of family and friends as they combine a luxurious vacation while celebrating such a memorable event as your wedding.

Paris, France
Known to be one of the most romantic country in the world, France may well be the top choice for a fairy-tale wedding fit for a princess bride. Your fairy tale can be brought to life with a wedding at Le Ch√Ęteau d’Esclimont, a castle situated within the vicinity of the city of love in Paris.

Hiring The Right Wedding Planner For Your Wedding

Wedding is the most anticipated occasion in one’s life. Everyone wishes for a unique unforgettable wedding that is magical and idyllic in every way possible. However, given the long list of things that can possibly go wrong at the wedding, imagining a beautiful hitch-free wedding seems like a long shot. In such a scenario, making the decision to hire an able wedding coordinator would be most prudent. A wedding planner, with a sizeable experience in planning weddings and events, will not only effectively manage your day’s arrangements, but also provide insightful details on how to cut down your expenses and avail the best deals.

A wedding planner streamlines the work and makes an accurate plan with viable margins for all the wedding day arrangements. The wedding planner works with you side by side personally from day one until your special day arrives and is devoted to preparing you for your wedding day. Thus, it is imperative that you hire someone who you are comfortable with, and also someone who understands your vision and requirements perfectly. The wedding planner is going to take the load of coordinating all the arrangements for the day and giving appropriate directions off your chest. A professional wedding planner would have the knack for steering you out of tricky situations and negotiate the best deals for you.

A number of factors are going to affect your wedding plans, as many more weddings will be taking place at around the same time as your wedding. A wedding planner would not just ensure that the bookings for venue are made in time, but also look into the effective management of many other aspects involved in a wedding celebration, including invitations, floral arrangements, DJ, catering, photography, etc.

The most common woe of most couples is that they spent their entire wedding day and all the days leading up the wedding day in making arrangements and planning details for the day, and thus could not enjoy this period. Wanting to look after even the tiniest of details, the wedding experience actually became a very harrowing time for them. Hiring a wedding planner could have saved them a lot of trouble and time. They would have received assistance and expert advice in matters concerning the organization, budgeting and purchase of various goods and services.

Owing to the large number of advantages that hiring a wedding planner offers, more and more people are opting for this service. It is not just limited to the rich and elite anymore. A person looking to retain the services of a coordinator must ensure that the person is reliable, understanding and experienced. This would ensure that the wedding goes off smoothly and is a memorable experience for all!

Pre-Wedding Functions in Keralite Weddings

One needs to understand that a wedding not only brings 2 people close but also their families. As a result all the weddings involve a plethora of occasions that lead to the wedding. These pre wedding functions are occasions where both the family members can get close to each other. A typical Kerala Matrimonial is slightly orthodox and follows the traditions to the core. In a way one can say that they follow a keralite wedding traditions and norms to the hilt. However, that certainly does not mean that one needs that one cannot mix and match. Couples today are exposed to so many external factors and they are open-minded. They in a way want the best of all traditions and believe in having a memorable wedding as per their own terms.

Here are a few modern pre-wedding functions in Keralite weddings that today’s couples are engaging in.

Mehendi Function: Though a Mehendi ceremony is mainly associated with a Muslim or a north Indian wedding, many brides are enthralled by the art of putting mehendi designs on their palm just before the wedding and want it to be a part of their special event in their life. After all, mehendi is an auspicious leaf that is crushed to make intrinsic and beautiful designs on the palm of the bride and groom. Though not a part of Keralite culture, there is no harm incorporating something auspicious during the pre wedding days. So, now that we have defended the mehendi, what actually happens on these pre-wedding functions in Keralite weddings? Well, all friends and family (mainly the women population) get together and apply mehendi on the palm of the bride and her friends. It’s a great occasion to hang around, have fun and also relax a bit before the wedding. Imagine lots of fun, frolic, singing, dancing, and food and not to forget mehendi laden hands.

Sangeet: Again, this is not a typical pre-wedding function in Kerala Matrimonial. Sangeet is like a get together function before the wedding where both the bride and groom come together and dance to their hearts fill. That’s not all; even their family members dance and perform special skits for them to make them feel special. The skits are mainly made to show the relation and the love story of the couple. It’s a great occasion where all come together and have fun dancing around. These sangeet occasions can be held together by both the families or separately by the bride and the groom depending on the wish of the couple. In fact, some people take it with so much importance that they even ask a choreographer to help them perform their best.

We all know that weddings are also a lot of hard work. These small pre-wedding functions in Keralite weddings which are not fully traditional allow the family members to relax a bit and have fun. These occasions can be held a few days before the wedding so that by the time the main wedding comes everyone has bonded and rejuvenated.