The Lure of Beaded Wedding Bridal Jewelry

Gone are the days when weddings were cut and dried affairs. You’ve seen one and you’ve seen them all. Brides wore almost identical wedding gowns with almost the same kind of wedding bridal jewelry. All grooms practically looked the same. Wedding receptions were all the same, too. Everything was predictable, down to the cake. It was almost as if you just had to cut and paste in the particular bride and groom into the scene. Nowadays, brides and grooms want the opposite. They want their wedding to reflect their individual personalities and their tastes as a couple. This is why the lure of beaded wedding bridal jewelry is so strong among modern day brides and grooms.

Beaded wedding bridal jewelry is usually made with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. The combination of manmade crystals and natural pearls, although cultured, gives these jewelry pieces a decidedly modern touch. The fact that both the crystals and the freshwater pearls come in various shapes, including unusual forms, adds character and expands the range of possibilities for creative imagination. This is very different from the staid styles usually associated with traditional wedding bridal jewelry.

The quirkiness of beaded wedding bridal jewelry fits right into the mood of non-traditional weddings. Imagine how it will fit into a beach wedding or a garden wedding. Even couples who cannot have their weddings right at the beach or in a garden can capture the atmosphere through the d├ęcor of the setting they choose as well as their wedding attire and accessories. A bride in a wrap-around sarong or a short breezy summer dress with flowers in her hair will look perfect with beaded wedding bridal jewelry with freshwater pearls.

Beaded wedding bridal jewelry is quite inexpensive compared to fine jewelry and is, therefore, within the reach of everyone. It is no less precious, though. Swarovski crystals represent the best man made crystals in the world. Cultured freshwater pearls represent the natural wonders of nature coaxed into being by human nurturing. These elements are then crafted by jewelry artists by hand into exquisite designs that can range from being fanciful and ethereal to being sleek and minimalist. Each piece represents a serendipitous fusion of the finest aspects of man and nature.

Brides who do not want traditional wedding dresses and the same old fashioned wedding bridal jewelry will surely be attracted to beaded wedding bridal jewelry with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. Beautifully beaded pearl earrings and beaded pearl necklaces and bracelets can be found in many jewelry stores. There are even online jewelry stores like Samantha Rose of Dallas,Texas that specialize in them. Brides from any part of the country can easily get access to these gems online.

Beaded wedding bridal jewelry can help make a wedding truly unique and personal. This is something that makes a wedding truly meaningful, bearing the mark of the bride and groom in every aspect. The couple who makes this stand as early as their wedding day is setting the tone for a lifetime to be led on their own terms.

Samantha Rose Designs, a jewelry store and online shop that specializes in handmade beaded wedding jewelry and pearl bridal jewelry, will be presenting its pieces at the Dallas Bridal Show in Dallas Market Hall on January 29 and 30, 2011 from 10 in the morning to six in the evening. Dallas Market Hall is located at 2200 North Stemmons Freeway TX 75207.

Planning a Maui Destination Wedding

Maui destination weddings are a great way to celebrate your big day. With the beautiful scenery Maui has to offer, you can be sure that your wedding will be a memorable occasion for everyone who is lucky to share the day with you. Wedding planners can help you make arrangements in order to have a successful wedding in the Maui vacation paradise. If you’re considering a destination wedding, Maui is a great option.

Have you ever helped a close friend or family member plan a wedding at home? Wedding planners can help with all the small details because all too often the bride and groom get extremely stressed out when planning a home wedding.

Guest lists can become too long, the budget exceeds what was planned, and the wedding can become more about pleasing other people than making the big day special for the bride and groom. A destination wedding is often cheaper, because it is a smaller event with fewer guests to feed, and smaller space required for the ceremony and reception. Maui destination weddings can include the people closest to you, beautiful scenery, and a chance to get away from home and really have a vacation experience. Your wedding and honeymoon can be combined with less stress than a traditional wedding.

Maui destination weddings are extremely popular, because many people find the island so tropical and exotic. The pristine beaches, dark volcanic craters, luscious green trees, waterfalls, all the other beautiful elements of nature will make your Maui destination wedding seem like a dream. No matter where you choose to hold your wedding in Maui, you can be sure that it will be gorgeous and enjoyed by all. Best of all, you will already be on your honeymoon when the ceremony ends. There are spectacular resorts and condos available for you and your guests, many of which feature special wedding packages to accommodate your needs.

Wedding planners can be especially helpful for destination weddings, since you very likely aren’t able to be in Maui until very close to the wedding date. The wedding planner can take care of the small details that need on the spot attention. The internet helps tremendously with Maui destination weddings and weddings of any kind, because it makes things much easier to research and plan.

Even if you aren’t interested in a wedding with Hawaiian shirts and big flowers, you can still enjoy a traditional wedding in Maui. If you can imagine it, you can make it possible. With the help of Maui wedding planners, you’ll be able to have the kind of wedding you want, even if that means a helicopter or underwater wedding. Imagine getting married in front of a waterfall or with the ocean as far as you can see behind you. If you’ve been thinking about planning a home wedding, and you’ve been becoming more and more stressed out with the idea, maybe you should reconsider. Maui destination weddings are the perfect way for you and your partner to make memories that will last forever.

Wedding Party Invitations

Anyone who is planning a wedding knows that the preparations can be exhaustive. Every aspect of the wedding must be planned out. An important aspect of the preparations are the wedding party invitations. Whether you are planning on having a large wedding or a smaller wedding your future guests must be informed that they are invited and of these guest you need to find out how many of them will be attending your wedding and how many will not be attending your wedding.

Imagine your future guests going through their normal routine of receiving their usual mail and be pleasantly surprised to receive a wedding invitation from you. Nobody wants to have a plain and dull wedding invitation. Finding the right wedding party invitations can take some time so it is wise to begin the process well in advance.

While sending wedding invitations won’t be the most complicated aspect of the wedding preparations there are still things that should be kept in mind to not let it become more stressful than it needs to be. Don’t order invitations until your guest list is final. Make sure to order them ahead of time giving adequate time for you to receive the wedding party invitations, to mail them out, and to receive a response. For a local wedding you should mail out invitations about six to eight weeks before hand, and ten to twelve weeks if you’re having the wedding away or over a holiday. It is also wise to order more than you expect just in case. A great site to check out is They have invitations for the wedding and all the other parties that come along with it such as the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, engagement party, bachelorette party so you can get all your different types of invitations from one place.

Nautical Wedding Centerpieces

Whether you have decided on a tropical wedding location or just want your wedding to have a beach theme,you will need some ideas for centerpieces that will create the right atmosphere. Here are some thoughts.

Retro Sailor

Like it a little on the wild side? Have you considered going neon? You can purchase neon sailor hats for a center piece and decorate around it with mini neon beach balls. A glowing neon luau also compliments such a setting. There are all sorts of things that you can do with neon. Go with bright neon flowers for bouquets and bold neon bright ties and bridesmaid’s dresses.

Hawaiian Fun

Bright tropical flowers inside of large seashells, surrounded by sand is another wonderful idea for a beach wedding. Imagine the cool beach nestled right there in the middle of the table. This idea would be perfect for an outdoor beach setting reception. Small tropical flowers come in mind when I think of this setting. Luaus also come in mind for the reception. Perhaps place one at each setting along with fun party favors.

Tropical Paradise

Imagine a beautiful Hawaiian sunset with bold orange, purple and reds in the midst of a beautiful bouquet of birds of paradise centerpieces. Now this reception would take place in the early evening as the sun is going down. The lights would be dim and the centerpieces would definitely be the highlight. Trimmed up with gold laced dinnerware and tall golden champagne chutes. Your new husband wouldn’t be able to wait for all the guests to leave as this will truly be the romantic sunset evening.

Oceanside View

Perhaps beautiful dolphins and water is what you have in mind? You can get those water globes and make them a beautiful ocean view centerpiece. They would be laid out on a blue table clothe with an ocean-like surrounding. Purchase some fish graffiti and sprinkle it on the tables to compliment the centerpiece globes. You may even want to hang long blue waving flags to bring even more of an ocean feeling to the atmosphere.

Cool Pina Coladas on the Hot Beach

Maybe you would like to set the scene to look like a walk on the beach. Think of things that you would see on the beach. Perhaps crabs and sea shells. Purchase small items that would belong on the beach. For instance, small shells, crabs, beach balls, umbrellas and sand. Then buy a pina colada replica glass and decorate around it as the centerpiece. You may want to add some replica fruits, like pineapple and coconut to put inside the glass. Then another suggestion is to serve pina coladas as a drink.

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Sparkle with Great Winter Wedding Ideas

Welcome to the WWI – that’s the Winter Wedding Ideas page. But first, congratulations, both on your upcoming wedding and on the fact that you were clever enough to see the value in a winter wedding. You see, the fall and winter season’s are the off season for most of the wedding industry (this may not be true in places like Aspen, Colorado where their winter landscape is a prime draw) so you have a better chance at negotiating a great price on everything from your photography to the wedding / reception location. So hunt away, if you haven’t already, but not until you’ve settled on the winter wedding idea that you want to make come to life.

Christmas Wedding Options

The first among winter wedding ideas is the classic Christmas wedding and is a natural for those who absolutely love all the decorations, smells, and sounds of Christmas. Because this option is so rooted in your own families’ (including that of your future husband) traditions we won’t linger here except to point out that this option presents a number of fun opportunities for wedding favors. For example, you could thank your loved ones by giving them a handcrafted wedding cake ornament that will serve as a reminder of your winter wedding every year when they look at their Christmas tree.

Winter Wonderland Options

Another option from the winter wedding ideas department is to create your own winter wonderland wedding. Imagine a wedding that is a study in shades of whites, silver, and ice blues. Your wedding cake could be a gorgeous mountain of white on white. Go for the smooth simple lines of elegance by adding a grand ice sculpture to your wedding reception. Or if you want to make it a little more light hearted you can take advantage of the plethora of snowman themed decorations that are available today. Either way, you might want to consider the silver tree place card holders or snowflake bath confetti (it’s great as part of your decorating too!) as your wedding favors. Its clean lines make it fit beautifully in almost any winter wedding setting. Or for a whimsical touch, perhaps miniature snow globes are the way to go.

Respite from the Cold

Finally, go for the warm colors as you create the atmosphere of something like a mountain ski lodge with a roaring fire, warm drinks, and lots of friend around the celebration. For this winter wedding idea you might want to consider giving gifts of specially packaged wedding coffees, teas, hot cocoas, or a tea infuser (either with or without the ceramic tray).
There really are so many winter wedding ideas to consider. Dream. What part of the winter season gets you excited? Once you’ve decided, personalize your winter wedding ideas and you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable wedding experience.